Sunny Bates Associates is an innovation firm that designs transformative engagements with the world’s most inspiring thinkers and doers for leaders in business, science, the arts and civic life searching new ideas, approaches and solutions to challenges that can only be solved through the insights that come from surprising human connections.

What We Do

As the pace of progress accelerates in all fields, it’s nearly impossible to address the biggest challenges you face—and seize the opportunities you sense—using only the minds you have on hand.

To stay relevant, understand the latest trends and ideas in your industry (and adjacent fields) and move ahead quickly and confidently toward the next opportunities, you and your teams need consistent strategic interactions with the world’s best thinkers and doers.

Our Team

Our Work

Our genius is identifying and cultivating an ever-expanding network of extraordinary thinkers and doers, strategically organizing them and creating transformative engagements to help leaders in business, science, the arts and civic life  envision new possibilities and discover ways of achieving them

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